WHY CHOOSE Professional Consulting Company

“The expertise, the guarantee in your construction projects. “

Architectural Services

Construction and related engineering services include building construction and civil engineering work, installation and assembly work, completion and finishing work. We guarantee you satisfaction.

Electrical Services

Our mechanical engineers are involved throughout the life cycle of industrial products: from research and development to recycling, including design, development, industrialization and operation of these.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Our team works with you to design smart installations that help you increase your bottom line. Our electrical integration and maintenance concepts, studies and services focus on safety, energy efficiency and reliability.

Project management Services

Praised by more and more companies, project management is essential in structures of all sizes as a particularly effective mode of organization.

Civil Engineering Services

We design, build and rehabilitate buildings, infrastructures and works of art essential to human activities.

Transportation Services

The responsiveness as well as the flexibility and adaptability of Professional Consulting Company offer an answer to the transport issues of construction and public works companies.


Not only are we expert in measurement, but we also have expertise in land law that should not be overlooked.

Airport Planning

We have a good command of Airport Planning management

Urban Planning

Our urban Planning professionals has a complete master plans solutions, we corporate with governments and communities to create Future places.


(313) 583-0550

(313) 583-0550


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