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PCC provides consulting, engineering, design-built, and other related technical services in the areas of architectural, electrical, and mechanical engineering for educational, industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. PCC services include architectural, electrical power distribution, HVAC and plumbing engineering and design.

PCC has participated as a sub-consultant with many architects and prime consultants for various projects in the areas of community development, educational institutions, water and waste water pumping stations, waste water treatment plants, bioprocessing plants, medical, commercial facilities, and residential complexes. PCC has also handled design-built in electrical, lighting and mechanical projects as a prime consultant.

PCC provides innovative highway, bridge design & traffic engineering solutions to fit ever changing transportation needs. Our professional experience spans a wide range of facilities for hundreds of miles of rural and urban highways & bridges with economical functionality, safety and constructability. PCC has developed design and traffic control plans both in home and internationally, serving the communities in an economical way.

PCC Provides Premium Planning services to commercial, residential and municipal clients.

PCC provides Surveying services for all the civil engineering needs with fully equipped equipment’s and certified personnel’s