About Us


Professional Contracting & Consulting, Inc. was established in the state of Ohio and Indiana in 1996 and incorporated in the State of Michigan in 2004. PCC achieves this goal through the commitment of highly qualified, experienced professionals to provide the highest quality services within budget and time. PCC has specialized in pro-viding excellence in the state-of-the-art design built Architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering services, construction, construction management, real estate management, and testing.

With over 18 years of experience in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, internationally in UAE (Abu Dhabi) and Jordan, our team personal commitment to provide highest quality services in industrial, commercial and residential construction and services. Client satisfactions are our primary goal in budget and timely manner

We lead with openness, fairness, and integrity. The health of the company depends upon member trust, empowerment, and involvement in the future direction of the busi-ness.

We hold our clients paramount. We listen to them and strive to consistently meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

We value our members. Their capabilities, initiative, integrity, creativity, and commitment are our most important assets. We strive to provide satisfying growth opportuni-ties in a safe and healthy working environment, a role in shaping our mutual future, and fair compensation. We support the growing diversity of the work force.

We pursue excellence in all that we do. Excellence is achieved through a continuous quest for improvement.